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Our world is inundated with visual messages that constantly pressure us to define ourselves, our thoughts, and even our emotions. It doesn’t matter whether we’re on our screens, in a classroom, or walking down the street. It has become increasingly difficult to escape this bombardment and contemplate our existence within the present.

Artist Ishmael Lipman offers respite by inviting the viewer into a world on the verge; between spaces, between moments, between feelings. In the following conversation, we discuss the influences and experiences, as well as the compositional tools, that inform the deep sense of pause in Lipman's paintings.

Ish Lipman is currently a MFA Candidate at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He was an artist in residence at Skowhegan in 2019.

Learn more and stay updated on Ish's happenings:


Instagram: @ish_lipman

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