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Artists in Rise is a platform centered around the ARTISTS in the artist residency network.

The artist residency network consists of thousands of programs worldwide that provide space, time, resources, and community to artists who are developing their career.


Acceptance into residency is an indication of an artists merit and during residency, they are able to research, experiment, collaborate and produce work without outside pressures. This type of experience can be restorative and nurturing for an artist's practice, allowing the artists to progress creatively and professionally. 

Artists in Rise understands that the artists in this network are a vital part of our contemporary culture. Our vision is to deliver more access and visibility to these artists so their work can be seen, researched, written about, exhibited, and supported. 


Artists in Rise is a 501(c)(3) focused specifically on the artists moving through the artist residency network. We aim to provide sustainable access and support before, during, and after residence.

What we do: 

  • Promote the practice of artists in residence through online publications and exhibitions. 

  • Create access to artists through our AIR Database of past artists-in-residence.

  • Facilitate professional and financial support for the artists of the AIR Network.

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