Artist in Rise is the only online platform of emerging artists who have been validated by participation in an artist residency.
Existing online contemporary art platforms rely on commercial characteristics to place value on an artist. This has limited access to emerging artists, creating issues for artistic sustainability, and has left art enthusiasts with work that follows trends and market based biases. 

Artists in Rise knows that artistic success can occur well before entering the commercial realm. This is usually given through institutional acceptance or validation, when the work has been critically discussed and nurtured. Artist residencies provide such an environment and participation in one of these programs shows a high level of merit in the artist’s practice and work. 

By creating a database of artists in residence, we have become the only platform that emphasizes the artist residency network as an integral part of the contemporary art world. Artists in Rise places practice over price and is the online space to find emerging artist outside of the commercial channels. 



Create conversation within the artists in residence network.  First and foremost, we aim to be a platform of artists for artists. Here, practice and professional experience can be shared and discussed, and ideas expressed and exchanged. Residencies will also be able to post about their programs and application processes. 

Promote artists through online publications and exhibitions. The AIR Database of past artists in residence will be used as a research tool to inform our online publications and exhibitions. Seeing and speaking about the work is crucial to our endeavors. 

Make it easier for artists to be found and researched. Artist in Rise is the only online platform that focuses on the artists in residence network. By aggregating this information and creating access to these artists and residencies, we have made it easier for contemporary art enthusiasts to find work outside of the commercial channels. 


Artists in Rise was created by Monica Loughman. Monica studied contemporary art history, theory, and criticism at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and received a masters in art business from Claremont Graduate University. The intersection between art and commerce has been the main focus of Monica's academic and professional career. This venture is an attempt to create sustainability for emerging artists outside of the commercially driven forces of the contemporary art world.

"Monica reached out to me about being featured for Artists in Rise while the site and pages were still developing. 
We agreed to have a conversation and get to know one another a little before agreeing to anything and scheduled a call. 
A warm conversation followed, we were each trying to develop new work, me in my studio and she in her database/website/organization.
We didn’t initially know what form the “feature” would take, but Monica definitely wanted it to be about my work and she took time to get to know my process.  We live in different cities,  and we thought to do a zoom studio/gallery visit/ artists talk that we might possibly record. 
When the galleries’ internet proved insufficient to the task, Monica came to visit the show and spent over an hour with me in the gallery discussing my work. She was warm, genuine, and interested. Our conversation flowed easily and I felt like I was making a new friend. 
After that visit Monica sent me questions in interview form in a google doc. I replied, and we collaborated on the editing. 
A friend who knows me well said the resulting article was remarkable in that she felt Monica really understood the complexity of my work and processes and communicated them exceptionally well.
Working with Monica was collaborative and our process was responsive and emergent. I really appreciate the time and flow and space around how we interacted. There was no pressure, no deadlines that didn’t make sense and I am now invested in Monica’s process as I feel she is invested in mine." 
- Tara K Daly



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