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DEADLINE: 5/1/2024

GRANT: $30,000

The St. Elmo Arts Residency launched in fall 2018, offering one fellowship each academic year to a newly minted MFA artist in painting, drawing, print, photo, sculpture or multimedia. The residency supports emerging artists and the creation of new work by providing a beautiful house and studio in a small artist compound in the St. Elmo district of South Austin in addition to a $30,000 stipend. Each fellow engages with the UT Austin community through classes and lectures at UT Austin and at the Wildflower Center.  

ARTS & SCIENCE RESIDENCY: Künstlerische Tatsachen


DEADLINE: 5/1/2024

GRANT: 1,700 € + 500€ Travel Budget

The project „Künstlerische Tatsachen“ brings together scientists and artists in a format of residency: Scientists open their laboratories, while artists create artworks based on artistic engagement with scientific problems or topics, which can serve as a starting point for a social discourse around the topic of tensions. The works created during the transdisciplinary residency by the five participating artists will be exhibited at the end. An engagement with scientific themes and techniques is desirable.

For this Arts & Science Residency, the TRAFO with its 400 m² is both a working and exhibition space. The TRAFO is an innovation lab for contemporary art forms and media in the city of Light Jena. Through the residency, the lab becomes the studio and the studio becomes the lab so that the processual and experimental way of working can be experienced by the participating artists, scientists, and the public. Our social media team will accompany your project; the exhibition and the process leading up to it will be documented textually, photographically, and videographically.



DEADLINE: 5/3/2024

GRANT: $5,000

The Fireline Fellowship invites writers, artists, and thought leaders in the humanities to become part of a thinking community that, for two and a half years, will explore issues related to wildfire at the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest (the Andrews). In October, 2024, fellows will meet in person with scientists and stay at the Andrews and then will meet quarterly online. Fellows will receive a stipend, opportunities to learn alongside scientists in the field, and up to four weeks of residency time at the Andrews. Fellows will develop new projects for a public audience and/or involving public engagement, and projects will be presented in collaboration with the Patricia Valian Reser Center for the Creative Arts (PRAx). Eight Fireline Fellowships will be awarded: three by invitation and five by application.



DEADLINE: 5/12/2024

GRANT: 10,000 € + 25,000 € Project Budget

The Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology (acib) is pleased to announce this first open call for the ARTcib SciArt Residency at three academic partners of the acib academic partner network. With this open call we aim at opening up the academic as well as industry-related research at acib to a dialogue with artists and to push the boundaries of the inter- and transdisciplinary discourse in the field.

In this first ARTcib SciArt Residency we invite an artist to explore the research at three research groups in microbiology, focusing on the role of yeasts as transformative agents, the potential of self-sustaining systems concerning carbon and nutrient cycles, and computational modeling of organisms and such settings in the context of an ongoing artistic discourse with respect to space art.

The residency will take place in Vienna with a minimum of 8 weeks on-site with the scientists at three different universities. The on-site residency period will take place between summer 2024 and early spring 2025 and can be divided into several shorter visits. Additionally, the residency will be supported in a hybrid format with online sessions between the on-site visits. The residency start will take place on-site.

The first phase of the residency will be dedicated to artistic research, exploration, and artscience collaboration, including potential hands-on work in the laboratories, a joint artistic experiment, and dedicated work with the scientific partners working on computational models. The second phase of the residency will focus on the definition of an original, leading-edge artwork and its production. In summer 2025, the artwork will be exhibited as part of a highly visible, international group show.



DEADLINE: 5/13/2024

GRANT: $5,000 Stipend + $2,000

The Nicholson Project was founded with a deep commitment to providing artists with the time, space, and support to create and further their practice. We want you to feel 100% supported during your time at Nicholson and beyond. As part of your acceptance, you will receive the following:

  • 10-week Artist Residency at The Nicholson Project (2310 Nicholson St. SE)

  • $5,000 artist stipend

  • Time and space to create

  • Private access to the Residency Suite including an apartment with an artist studio attached. The apartment includes a fully furnished bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. See more details about the Residency Suite below.

  • One-on-one support from our Managing Director and our Programs Manager

  • Studio visits and consultation with a guest curator throughout your residency

  • Introductions to other artists, curators, and others you would like to meet for research related to your practice

  • Promotional support (press releases for residency, social media promotion, etc)

  • Professional documentation of your work and headshots

  • Up to $2,000 and staff support to develop and implement a Residency Project.



DEADLINE: 5/15/24

GRANT: $1450 + $250 Travel Refund

The Parent Grant is a four-week residency for an artist with at least one dependent child under the age of 18. Artists may choose to work in any of our studio disciplines: intaglio, letterpress, papermaking, screenprinting, photography, or ceramics.

This grant includes a $1450 unrestricted stipend that can be used for childcare or other costs at the artist’s discretion, up to $250 for travel costs, free onsite housing, and 24/7 studio access. WSW can also provide technical advice and production assistance.

Possible childcare scenarios include:

  • Bringing a caregiver or co-parent (must be 18+) to stay at WSW for the residency period

  • Finding a childcare facility near WSW

  • Locating individuals near WSW who can provide childcare

  • Paying for childcare at your family’s home base



DEADLINE: 5/15/24

GRANT: 4,500€ + 700€

Created in 2011 in Clermont-Ferrand, Artistes en résidence (A·R) is a non-profit organization that supports contemporary creation by organizing residencies for artists in the field of contemporary art. We support international mobility of artists and the circulation of ideas and skills through the development of a vast network of local, national and international partners.

At A·R, residencies are considered as a time entirely dedicated to research and experimentation with no obligation to produce. Our goal is to provide artists with the necessary time for qualitative and in-depth research, to promote a true immersion in the residency context, and to allow for trial and error as well as critical questioning necessary for the development of artistic practices.

Inaugurated in 2020, the 100-day residency program aims at welcoming artists of all ages and nationalities to Clermont-Ferrand for a period of 100 days. Selected artists are free to organize their residency as suited to their availability, whether it be over 100 consecutive days or dispersed over the course of one year. This flexibility takes into consideration the varied realities of artists and allows time for reflection, research and experimentation compatible with the artists’ professional and private obligations.



DEADLINE: 5/15/24

GRANT: $1,000

Monson Arts’ residency program supports emerging and established artists and writers by providing them time and space to devote to their creative practices. During each of our 2-week and 4-week programs throughout the year, a cohort of 5 artists and 5 writers are invited to immerse themselves in small town life at the edge of Maine’s North Woods and focus intensely on their work within a creative and inspiring environment. They receive a private studio, private bedroom in shared housing, all meals, and $1,000 stipend ($500 for 2-week programs). The Abbott Watts Residency for Photography offers access to the photography studio and darkroom of Todd Watts in nearby Blanchard, adjacent to the former home of Berenice Abbott.

Residents’ studios are located in newly renovated Main Street buildings that have been designed specifically for visual artists and writers. All of our studio spaces are outfitted to be as flexible as possible so that we can accommodate a variety of creative practices. Our visual arts studios are spacious and light-filled with large work tables and sinks. Shelving and portable storage carts are available as needed. Access is available to woodshop and metal shop facilities in nearby buildings for any fabrication needs.



DEADLINE: 5/19/2024

GRANT: 245£ a Week + 800£ Material Budget

Delfina Foundation is pleased to announce an international open call for its upcoming winter 2025 residency season (6 January – 30 March) under its recurring thematic programm science technology society.

On this occasion, Delfina Foundation welcomes applications from artists, curators, researchers, technologists, activists, writers, and thinkers who seek to explore how emergent technologies effect our understanding of mental wellbeing, and who are interested in probing the potential for intersecting art, science, and technology to reimagine mental health support, justice, and pride.

This opportunity is open to practitioners from around the world* as well as across the UK. This season will support a minimum of eight practitioners, whose practices have already engaged with aspects of art, science, technology, and mental wellbeing, and who make strong proposals for how they will use this opportunity to explore ideas within the stated theme.



DEADLINE: 5/19/24

GRANT: 10,000£ + 10,000£ Project Budget + 3,000 £ Travel Refund

The annual Cavendish Arts Science Fellowship is delivered in partnership with Girton College thanks to the vision and generous support of Una Ryan.

The Fellowship supports the Cavendish Arts Science ethos of experimenting, decentring and re-imagining. It is designed for artists to develop thought-provoking ideas through engagement with physicists and those in other fields, and to experiment with new approaches to their practice that are transformative and push boundaries.

The one-year Fellowship will begin in October 2024 and end in October 2025.

The Fellowship includes a residency period in Cambridge, typically of at least six months up to one year. Exact dates of the residency period are flexible and will be agreed with the selected artist.



DEADLINE: 5/31/24

GRANT: $2,000

The goal of this program is to provide individuals with the time and space to pursue their own creative projects alongside other Residents who may be examining plants, landscapes, gardens, and the natural world from different perspectives. Artists, conservation practitioners, researchers, scholars, scientists, and/or writers are encouraged to apply to our Interdisciplinary Residency Program. This is our flagship Residency program that was started in 2021.  Now, in 2024, we have hosted over 50 Interdisciplinary Residents, and we plan to award 40 Interdisciplinary Residencies annually. We hope our Residents will develop meaningful relationships around shared creative interests, and find abundant inspiration while at OSGF.

Interdisciplinarity is a key value of OSGF, and this Residency provides ample opportunities for Residents to explore our various resources.  Beyond the time devoted to their projects, an Interdisciplinary Resident’s typical day at Oak Spring might include a walk to enjoy the landscape or birds; an appointment to visit the Oak Spring Library; and/or a morning spent volunteering at the BCCF or in the formal garden.  These optional activities provide Residents time to learn from, and interact with our staff.  None of these kinds of activities are required, and we understand that many Residents might want to spend most of their time in their writing or studio space.  This program supports varying Residents, needs, and strikes a balance of socialization, and independent work time.

Residents are not required to make work that addresses our site specifically, but they should work on projects related to OSGF’s mission.  We often find that Residents who use their time for research and inspiration are most satisfied with this Residency experience.



DEADLINE: 5/31/24

GRANT: $1,000 Travel Refund + Weekly Stipend

The selected Artists-in-Residence will live and work on-site at the M.T. Liggett Art Environment for 4-6 weeks. They will be provided with a fully-furnished one-bedroom apartment located at the Visitors Center, which includes kitchen and laundry facilities. Artists will have access to the shared studio space downstairs, onsite tools and materials, and outdoor acreage to pursue their work and research. See our Facilities Guide for details. Artists will also have access to the 5.4.7 Arts Center in Greensburg, 11 miles east of the residency.

Artists will receive travel support of $1,000 maximum and a weekly artist stipend during their time in-residence for the 2023-2024 grant cycle. Residency funding is dependent on length of residency, grantmaking, and may fluctuate from year to year; we will offer details upon selection of resident artists. 


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