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DEADLINE: 9/1/23

Breck Create’s Artist-in-Residence program offers regional and national artists of all disciplines an opportunity to focus on process rather than product while engaging with the local community in a meaningful way.

Artists-in-Residence spend 2-4 months in a live/work studio in the Breckenridge Arts District, an intimate campus of historic structures nestled under majestic snow-capped peaks in cozy downtown Breckenridge. During the school year, artists serve as guest instructors in Summit County schools, providing support and supplemental curriculum to teachers. In the summertime, artists identify and collaborate with a community partner or organization on educational programs. Artists have ample time to explore place-based narratives in their own work—whether that means interpreting Breckenridge’s cultural environment, spectacular mountain setting or rich local history.

Artist expectations include: facilitating two weekly open studios (on campus), instructing weekly lessons in schools and on campus, participating in on-campus public events, and collaborating with a community partner. Artists with teaching experience will be given priority.

Artists receive a biweekly stipend of $600 to cover expenses and may take classes and open studios at no cost based on availability.



DEADLINE: 9/1/23

The Creative Residency Program

The mission of the Creative Residency program at Bloedel Reserve is to foster creative thinking that is inspired by nature and that explores the connection between humans and the environment.

The Creative Residency program provides artists and innovative thinkers with a three-week stay in a well-appointed home on the Bloedel Reserve grounds, with unlimited access to the Reserve’s 140 acres of sculpted gardens, forests, meadows, and wildlife habitats. The Creative Resident receives a $1000 stipend.



DEADLINE: 9/1/23

The Wave Pool Art Space Is Your Space Program awards sponsored residencies to local, national, and international artists interested in engaging Cincinnati with their artistic practice. Residencies of 2-6 weeks include flexible live/work studio space, a month long exhibition in our gallery (when appropriate), opportunities for artistic community engagement and programming, and a $2000 stipend for the project (which includes living/travel expenses). Residents become part of the dynamic artistic community of Cincinnati, Ohio and are asked to engage the community in at least one public workshop, program, or performance during their stay.



DEADLINE: 9/1/23

The Keyholder Residency Program offers emerging artists free 24-hour access to printmaking facilities to develop new work and foster their artistic careers. Residencies are free and one year long, starting on April 1st and October 1st each year, and they take place in the shared Artists’ Studio, including the solvent/etching area and the darkroom.

Keyholders work independently, in a productive atmosphere alongside other contemporary artists. Artists from all disciplines are eligible to apply; printmaking skills are not required, but some familiarity with the medium is recommended. Basic instruction in printmaking techniques is available for new Keyholders. Technical assistance is not included in the program, but is available at additional cost.

Participation is competitive. Applications are evaluated by a rotating committee of artists, critics, curators, and art professionals based on the quality of submitted artwork. A total of 8 artists are awarded the residency annually. Artists based in the New York City area and without access to a studio space are encouraged to apply.



DEADLINE: 9/1/23

The Gondring Residency in Woodworking at the Sawtooth School of Visual Arts aims to provide an emerging or established artist or craftsperson working in wood with access to tools, facilities, and an energetic craft school environment to encourage the development of new skills, interpersonal connections, and bodies of work.

The residency period runs for one year and includes a stipend of $3,000 to support the creation of a new body of work. Residents are chosen by the Director of Woodworking and a rotating jury. Selections are based on the quality of the work, its artistic merit, and the artist’s ability to bring new perspectives to our community.

Applicants should be enthusiastic and dedicated to their craft, enjoy working with others in a community studio setting. Previous experience working in a wood shop is strongly preferred.




Creative Reuse is well known as a vital resource for Pittsburgh’s art community. Artwork incorporating materials provided by Creative Reuse has been featured in the Pittsburgh Biennial, Emerging Artist of the Year exhibitions, installations commissioned for the Three Rivers Arts Festival, and many, many gallery shows and pop-up exhibitions throughout the Pittsburgh region and beyond. In addition to our everyday support of artists through our retail shop and Project Sponsorships, we also support one artist a year with our Artist in Residence program, and several others through our gallery program.

Past gallery shows have featured sculpture, found material collage, fiber art, and assemblage, and more. The themes of the work vary but often speak to environmental and social issues that affect our communities. Many artists relate strongly to the Creative Reuse vision of creating an accessible and welcoming art gallery for neighbors and community members who otherwise may not have easy access to galleries and museums. At our location at the intersection of Homewood, Wilkinsburg, and Point Breeze, we are grateful for the opportunity to promote artists and engage community members through our Artist in Residence and gallery program.



DEADLINE: 9/4/23

Are you interested in exploring how the past informs our actions in the present? Would you like to know more about how the Holocaust has shaped our contemporary understanding of genocide, ethnic persecution, and human rights? Are you interested in intergenerational trauma? Or do you perhaps have lived experience of transgenerational trauma? Do you understand the care needed when working with someone else’s life story?

The Memorial Gestures Residency Programme will support three artists with self-directed research into Holocaust Centre North’s Archive and its survivor community. Holocaust Centre North is a museum based in Huddersfield which tells the story of Jewish survivors of the Nazi genocide who rebuilt their lives in the North of England. We care for the collections of over 100+ Jewish refugees and families.

The Iby Knill Bursaries will support 3x artists with £4800 over the course of an 8-month remote residency. Artists are invited to explore our collection by responding to stories and themes they feel have contemporary relevance. We are looking to award one bursary to an emerging artist based in the North of England, as well as to one international artist.

Holocaust Centre North welcomes applications from artists working in any discipline.



DEADLINE: 9/5/23

The Buchanan Arts Emerging Artist Fellowship is a year-long work-study experience designed for recent graduates or early-career artists who wish to develop their creative practices while working to support the operations of Buchanan Arts. The goal of this program is to encourage creative development, facilitate professional opportunities, foster experimentation, and create connections that will carry participants into the next chapter of their careers. Artists of all backgrounds who wish to enhance their skill-sets and learn more about a community-based arts non-profit are encouraged to apply.



DEADLINE: 9/5/23

Læsø AiR is located in the unique artistic retreats of two of Denmark’s and the world’s most acclaimed artists - Per Kirkeby (1938-2018) and Asger Jorn (1914-1973) - at the island of Læsø, and will now ensure that the retreats of the two artists remain a symbol of history and the artists’ work and residence on the island, serving as inspiration and support for future generations of artists.



DEADLINE: 9/10/23

About 300 artists in seven disciplines are awarded Fellowships each year and the sole criterion for acceptance is artistic excellence. There are no residency fees, and need-based stipends and travel reimbursement grants are available to open the residency to the broadest possible community of artists.

MacDowell encourages applications from artists of all backgrounds and all countries in the following disciplines: architecture, film/video arts, interdisciplinary arts, literature, music composition, theatre, and visual arts. Any applicant whose proposed project does not fall clearly within one of these artistic disciplines should contact the admissions department for guidance. We aim to be inclusive, not exclusive in our admissions process.



DEADLINE: 9/10/23

At the initiative of Philippe Guionie, the 1+2 Residence has been since the end of 2015 a festival of creative residencies associating photography and science, anchored in Toulouse and Occitania, with a European vocation. Supported in its research by academic (University of Toulouse) and scientific institutions (CNRS Occitanie Ouest, Muséum d'Histoire naturelle de Toulouse, Cité de l'espace, etc.) and researchers based in Toulouse and its metropolis, as well as in Occitania, each resident creates a personal and unprecedented work. He is also accompanied by a godfather and a godmother belonging to the world of photography and science. By combining photography and science, the 1+2 Residence produces, values and promotes author photography in close links with the exceptional scientific heritage of the territories.

The photographic creations are presented in October and November, on several different supports including a series of exhibitions and a box set composed of three books published by Éditions Filigranes within the Toulouse collection. An inaugural week is organized around the National Colloquium - Photography & Sciences where photographers, scientists, godfather and godmother, journalists and audiences exchange during thematic round tables. The 1+2 Residence thus stimulates a common societal reflection, in a collective dynamic involving all audiences.



DEADLINE: 9/10/23

In partnership with the New York State Canal Corporation (Canals), the Erie Canal Museum is seeking three (3) Artists in Residence for a period of one (1) year. The Erie Canal Museum is committed to building a diverse and inclusive workforce. We strongly encourage members of traditionally underrepresented communities to apply.

The Residencies will focus on a year-long photographic study of the Erie Canal, contemplating its current condition, activating the landscape and public spaces, considering its potential future. These Residencies are for Artists who wish to engage with the Canal and adjacent Erie Canalway Trail, Canals and Museum staff, Canal facilities, New York’s Canal communities, and Canal visitors.

The 2024 Residencies will be dedicated to Photography-based projects that reflect upon the Canal’s physical, environmental, and social condition and history; materiality; and context. We will select an Artist and project to represent each of the three (3) geographic sections of the Canal system.

The total funding for each Artist for the one-year Residency is $10,000, which will be paid in (4) equal quarterly payments.



DEADLINE: 9/15/23

Monson Arts’ residency program supports emerging and established artists and writers by providing them time and space to devote to their creative practices. During each of our 2-week and 4-week programs throughout the year, a cohort of 5 artists and 5 writers are invited to immerse themselves in small town life at the edge of Maine’s North Woods and focus intensely on their work within a creative and inspiring environment. They receive a private studio, private bedroom in shared housing, all meals, and $1,000 stipend ($500 for 2-week programs). The Abbott Watts Residency for Photography offers access to the photography studio and darkroom of Todd Watts in nearby Blanchard, adjacent to the former home of Berenice Abbott.

Applications for a residency at Monson Arts are open to anyone at any stage of their career, working in visual arts, writing, and related fields (i.e. audio, video, photography, movement, screen and playwrights). Open calls for residency applications currently take place 3 times throughout the year with deadlines on January 15, May 15, and September 15. Each application period corresponds to specific residency offerings 3-6 months out.



DEADLINE: 9/15/23

Each Artist In Residence will receive 1-2 weeks of complimentary accommodations at The Anvil Hotel in downtown Jackson, $200/week cash stipend and $200 in dining credits at Glorietta Trattoria, the hotel’s onsite Italian restaurant. In exchange, we ask each artist to offer an artist talk and/or demonstration that is open to the public. Artists have access to nearby shared studio spaces for ceramics, printmaking, photography, and more at the nearby Art Association of Jackson Hole.



DEADLINE: 9/21/23

IAS CEU offers annually one Writer in Residence fellowship and one Visual/New Media Artist in Residence fellowship to provide selected artists with opportunities to conceptualize and create new works. These two residential fellowships (up to 5 months each with a minimum stay of 3 months) are offered on a competitive basis to writers and visual artists, working in creative writing (such as poetry, prose, drama, screen and playwriting) and in various visual media, including film and digital applications.



DEADLINE: 9/21/23

Drawing Centre Diepenheim is the Netherlands’ leading drawing institution, offering artists the freedom to experiment with ways of approaching and reframing complex concepts and problems through drawing. With a programme of exhibitions, residencies and events, the Drawing Centre stimulates artists to move beyond the boundaries of traditional drawing and to embrace radical experimentation.

To further broaden the definition of drawing, in order to realise innovative forms and applications, Drawing Centre Diepenheim encourages artists to experiment and to explore the significance and influence of drawing on their artistic working process. The Drawing Centre therefore has a unwavering focus on stimulating interactions between artists, the public and the Diepenheim community.


DEADLINE: 9/22/23


S+T+ARTS AIR launches a new S+T+ARTS residencies programme focused on two main themes: Resilient interspecies urban ecosystems and Human AI Ecosystems, presenting a unique opportunity for artists to collaborate at the intersection of art, science, and technology.

Air extends beyond the invisible substance we breathe. It encompasses both visible and invisible elements, complementing our senses and connecting us to our surroundings. It acts as a warning system, heightening our perception of danger and evoking deep emotions through scent. Air enables the existence of sound and has a tactile connection to our body, particularly our hair and skin.

Air played a vital role in verbal communication, language development, and logical thinking, laying the groundwork for scientific and technological progress. This dynamic has allowed humans to translate intricate processes into symbolic representations, making the unseen visible. Through the integration of science, technology, and art, we aim to create challenges that bridge these realms of knowledge, fostering a deeper understanding of the diverse realities and concepts intertwined with the air.

We invite creative and experienced artists to participate in the S+T+ARTS AIR Residencies, which deepen the multifaceted nature of AIR and its profound significance in our lives.

For artists interested in joining AIR as a resident artist, the project consortium offers access to the technologies and know-how of two of Europe’s leading supercomputing centers (HLRS in Stuttgart and BSC in Barcelona), SONY Computer Science Laboratories in Rome, HEKA lab & KUBER in Koper, Slovenia, and the artistic expert organizations Fundación ÉPICA La Fura dels Baus from Badalona, Media Solutions Center (MSC) from Stuttgart, In4Art from Rotterdam and RCR Architects from Barcelona.

In this way, AIR is born from the will of 8 organizations from 5 different countries belonging to different fields of knowledge – technology, research, industry, and culture – to establish new methodologies, processes, indicators and seeks artists to collaborate with them.



DEADLINE: 9/30/23

This is a truly unique experience! The National Park Artists team will spend a month virtually alone in the historical lighthouse keeper’s house on an islet with all sorts of tropical flora and fauna, including endangered Loggerhead turtle nesting grounds.

Notification of acceptance: November 17th, 2023

Residency Dates: March 1 - 31st, 2024

Residency Type: All artistic media

Artists Stipend: $4,000

Single Artist / Couples: Only 2 people (or couples) considered, only one is required to be an artist.

Groups / Family / Household: No

Housing: Housing in a historic lighthouse keepers house on Loggerhead Key, an islet in the Florida Keys. A seaplane or boat is provided for the artist’s initial arrival and event transportation. Artists must pack in all supplies, equipment, and food.

Artist Event(s) / Workshop(s) Required/ Venue on location: Yes, *possibly online

National Museum/Archives Art Donation: Yes, for consideration.


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